Online artikler og bøger

Herunder finder du links til udvalgte online artikler og bøger om personalisme:

Online bøger:

Bowne, Borden Parker - Personalism.

Buford, Thomas O. and Harold H. Oliver - Personalism Revisited: Its Proponents and Critics.

Burrow, Rufus Jr. - Personalism: A Critical Introduction.

Chazarreta Rourke, Rosita A. - A Theory of Personalism.

McLean, George F. (ed.) - Personalist Ethics and Human Subjectivity.

Williams, Thomas D. - Who Is My Neighbor? Personalism and the Foundations of Human Rights.

Online artikler:

Berdyaev, N.A. - Personalism and Marxism, manuscript.

Buford, Thomas O. - Personalism, manuscript in PDF.

Cole, Graham and Michael Schluter - From Personalism to Relationism: Commonalities and Distinctives, manuscript in PDF.

DeMarco, Donald - The Christian Personalism of Jacques Maritain, manuscript.

Personalism - opslag i Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Personalism - opslag i Encyclopædia Britannica Online.

Personalism - opslag skrevet af Thomas Buford i the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

De Tavernier, Johan - The Historical Roots of Personalism, paper (PDF) in Ethical Perspectives, 16(3) (2009): 361–392.

Williams, Thomas D. - What Is Thomistic Personalism?, paper (PDF) in Alpha Omega, VII/2 (2004): 163–197.


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